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30 % Medlemstilbud
30% Medlemstilbud
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Group with no name
Group with no name
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Group with no name
Group with no name
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Rids af Libyens historie
Turkis og Lapis i Oldtidens Ægypten
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Group with no name
Group with no name
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African Culture and Jewellery
De tidligste menneskers udsmykning
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Mesopotamiens sprog genopstår
The Sumerians - Queen Pu-Abi
Jesus omtalt i nyt fund
Lapis Lazuli fra Afghanistan
Museumssmykker fra Kabul
The Bactrian Gold Necklace from Afghanistan
Keltere på Island
Lindau Biblen
Den keltiske knude
Nyt fund fra vikingetid på Lolland-Falster
Lewis skakbrikker
Sensationelt Vikingefund i England
Troldkvinden fra Maglemose
Farvefremstilling i vikingetidden
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The History of European Style
The Rock Crystal Jewellery from Gotland
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Be a Partner! > Be a Partner!  |  Print  |  E-mail a friend
Link to Museum Jewellery and earn a 15 %. provision on all sales.

Museum jewellery offers owners of jewellery shops and other homesite owners a 15 %. provision on sales generated from our partner program.

We issue a newsletter once a month with articles about new jewellery in the store and background articles about the history behind the jewelleries. As a Museum Jewellery Partner you have the oppertunity of sending our newsltter from you own shop. this can generate sales form your own store, as well as it can provide more earnings from your partnership with us.

If you provide sales over 1.000 USD a month, we can offer a higher provision, individuel designed campaigns and special offers for your customers.

Shops and homepages with pornographic or any other offending content will not be accepted as a part of our partner program.

How does it work?:

You dispatch an accompliance to info@museumjewellery with the following information:

- URL for your homepage
- Name and adress
- Telephone Number
- Email address
- Bank Account including IBAN number an Swift Code for international transfers.

When your site is approved as a Museum Jewellery Partner Site, you´ll receive a partner number, that enable you to link to our site through banners and links with cookies, that register the sales as commiing from your site.

You´ll receive a detailed instruction regarding correct linking to our homepage. It is important that this instruction is carefully followed. Otherwise we will not be able to register your sales.

You will receive an email every time your leads generates sales on our site. your provision (over 100$) will be dispatched at the first in every month. Please be aware that overseas bank transfers takes 3-7 days.

Our Partner Program is developed by Scannet A/S - the larges provider of internet shop solutions, hosting and domain services in Denmark. Our Money Transfer System is provided by PBS A/S, which is owned by the Danish Bank Association. This guaranties, that our partner program and money transfer system works.

You´ll find our banners here: http://www.museumjewellery.com/group.asp?group=166&sub=166

If you have any question regarding our partner program, please contact Jakob Bloch Ehlers at +45 28719175.

Museum Jewellery - c/o Skindsmedene  -  Klosterstraedet 14  -  1157 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 3393 9396 (after 12.00 p.m. CET)  -  Fax. + 45 3332 9394  -  E-mail: sus@skindsmedene.dk  -  CVR-number: 27098347