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Egyptian jewellery – Necklaces and earrings from the time of Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Pharaohs like Tutankhamon. Crown Jewels from Thebes. Ankh pendants. Ancient Egyptian jewellery from the period from 3100– 900 BC.

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Perhaps the most enigmatic and much read about among all the races in the entire world were the Egyptians. Said to be once the bearer of the largest collection of gold in their times, Egypt had everyone carrying off some amount of jewelry on their being. With heavy artwork that concentrated mostly on revered figurines and royal emblems, Egyptian jewelry was known the world over for its unique style.

Walking the silken routes of the Egyptian kingdom with the exquisite Egyptian jewelry was the privilege of the kings and queens who once ruled it. The kings and queens have gone but their spell is going to be with us till eternity. The antique Egyptian jewelry worn by the royals and preserved by the museums entices everyone who throws a glance on it.

The dream of numerous antique jewelry aficionados to own the historical jewelry or other royal emblems is now a reality.

Museum Jewellery.com brings for you a wide assortment of Egyptian jewelry that embellishes the best of Egyptian art and crafts.

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1.  Egyptian Turquoise & Lapis Bracelet
Egyptian Turquoise & Lapis Bracelet, 22 carat goldplated
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Price USD 113,90 (EUR 80,27)

In stock. Delivery within 3-7 days
2.  Scarab & Lapis Bracelet
Scarab & Lapis Bracelet, 22 carat gold plated pewter and lapis
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Price USD 92,00 (EUR 64,83)

In stock. Delivery within 3-7 days
3.  Egyptian Royal Collar Necklace
Egyptian Jewellery - Egyptian Royal Collar Necklace. Length total 41 cm incl. 14 cm goldplated chain
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Price USD 248,00 (EUR 174,77)

Not in stock: Delivery within 2-3 weeks
4.  Egyptian Jewellery - Lotus Petal & Onyx Øreringe
Lotus petal Earrings in onyx and sterling silver gilded with 22 carat gold. Stickers
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Price USD 24,76 (EUR 17,45)

In stock. Delivery within 3-7 days
5.  Pre Dynastic Figure
Egyptian Jewellery - Pre Dynastic Figure in Sterling Silver (3,8 gram)
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Price USD 196,00 (EUR 138,12)

In stock. Delivery within 3-7 days
6.  Egyptian Jewellery - Ankh Pendant
Ankh Pendant in sterling silver
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Price USD 108,00 (EUR 76,11)

In stock. Delivery within 3-7 days

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