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Explore the rich history of jewelry at our website. From ancient civilizations to modern times, jewelry has been a symbol of adornment, alliance, and love. Not just a fashion statement, but also a practical form of investment. Learn about the origins and evolution of jewelry, the materials used throughout history, and how it reflects our cultural heritage. Discover the rich story behind each piece of jewelry here at our website.

Processing of precious metals - Museum Jewellery - Museum Jewelry

Processing of precious metals

Discover the techniques used by ancient silversmiths and goldsmiths to create intricate designs, colors, and ornamentation on their objects. Learn about the various stylized aesthetics of the jewelry and how they reflect culturally determined styles that aid historians and archaeologists in deter...
The Metal - Museum Jewellery - Museum Jewelry

The metal

Gold is symbolically associated with the sun, while silver was a means of payment for the Vikings. Silver treasures in Scandinavia resulted from trade relations with powerful civilizations in the southeast, facilitated by Russian rivers. The origin of oriental silver in Scandinavia remains a myst...
Where do the gems come from? - Museum Jewellery - Museum Jewelry

Where do the gems come from?

Precious stone mining and trade have a rich history around the world. Ancient regions were known for specific precious stones, such as turquoise in Egypt and lapis lazuli in present-day Afghanistan. In the 16th century, the Spanish conquests brought magnificent specimens of emeralds from Colombia...
The oldest jewelry - Museum Jewellery - Museum Jewelry

The oldest jewelry

Jewelry has been found in graves dating back to the Cro Magnon period, made of shells, bone, and ivory. Later, precious stones were used for protection and as symbols of power and wealth. The Venus of Willendorf, a 22,000-24,000-year-old statuette, is a famous example of early carving techniques....