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Explore the rich history of jewelry at our website. From ancient civilizations to modern times, jewelry has been a symbol of adornment, alliance, and love. Not just a fashion statement, but also a practical form of investment. Learn about the origins and evolution of jewelry, the materials used throughout history, and how it reflects our cultural heritage. Discover the rich story behind each piece of jewelry here at our website.

Precious stones - Museum Jewellery - Museum Jewelry

Precious stones

In the Late Middle Ages, there was a growing demand for gems and jewelry among non-noble classes, leading to the introduction of luxury laws. The use of a wider range of colored stones, such as turquoise and topaz, in jewelry was influenced by Byzantine tastes. The value of different gems, such a...
The Late Middle Ages 1200 - 1400 - Museum Jewellery - Museum Jewelry

The Late Middle Ages 1200 - 1400

The Late Middle Ages, from 1200 to 1400, saw cultural and artistic developments in Europe, including the emergence of the Gothic style in architecture and advancements in jewelry-making, with a focus on pearls and gold. The ideals of Christianity and chivalry were reflected in the architecture an...
Early Middle Ages 800 - 1200 - Museum Jewellery - Museum Jewelry

Early Middle Ages 800 - 1200

Emerging in Europe from 476 AD to 1500 AD was a fascinating development referred to as The Middle Ages. Distinguished by its particular aspects such as creating an individualistic European culture, expansion of feudal practices, establishment of urban towns and cities as well as being powerfully ...