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Celtic hair clip with knot pattern

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History of the Jewelry

Celtic Hair Clip, approx. 1000-600 BC

The Celts (Keltoi) were a nomadic people who spread westward from Eastern and Central Europe to England from about 1000 - 400 BC. The nomads consisted of several independent tribes. They had no written language and no common leadership. Their art was characterized by elegantly entwined warp threads, stylized animals, knots, spirals, and wheels. Some scholars interpret these designs as symbolic and even magical.

The intertwined knotwork was developed from tartan fabrics and basket weaving techniques. The knot was generally infinite. This design was widespread in England and Ireland, where it is often found depicted in carvings on stone crosses.

Celtic Design in Openwork Pewter.

Materials: Pewter and rosewood stick

Width: 1.18"

Length: 3.46"

Supplied in a velvet bag with a drawstring.

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