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Royal Egyptian Earrings

  • $59.99

The history of the jewelry


Adorn yourself with our elegant and sophisticated Royal Egyptian Earrings and experience the timeless mystery of Dynastic Egypt.

Our collection of jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt is crafted with high-quality faience, a substitution for semiprecious stones and are colored with the most sought-after shades of Ancient Egypt, where blue symbolizes heaven and red, life.

Feel empowered with the luxurious gold, a precious metal that reflects the might of the sun god and relive the enchantment of Tutankhamen's tomb. Enjoy the protection of traditional talismanic properties instilled in each piece.


Materials: pewter with gold finish, and lapis cabochon, post earring
Diameter: 23mm

Wear a piece of history

Unique pieces takes time

At, we offer unique handcrafted jewelry made by skilled artisans worldwide. Sometimes delivery CAN take up to 2-3 weeks depending on availability and our suppliers.

BUT: The wait is worth it for a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by ancient designs, replicated in detail including imperfections.

Trust that we're working very hard to deliver your order quickly and safely.

We want YOU to be satisfied!