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Akan disc earrings with blue pearl

  • $24.99

The history of the jewelry

These earrings have a traditional design commonly used by women in West Africa. Originally, they were crafted in gold through a one-time wax process, where the mold could only be used once. Remarkably, this style of gold disc has been popular for over 4000 years

African body adornment is not only visually but also technologically sophisticated. Moreover, it serves as an expression of a person's lifestyle, family situation, and status. In addition, people wear amulets to protect themselves from evil and please the gods.

Both leaders, such as kings, chiefs, and ordinary people including subjects and slaves, wore gold amulets. In this case earrings. This not only signified their position and power but also created a sense of community. Today, the jewelry still carries ceremonial significance and reflects cultural identity.

African Jewelry - Akan Disc Earrings, West Africa.

Suspension: Hooks Measures 1.1"

Wear a piece of history

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