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Chinese earrings with I-Ching coins and jade pearl

  • $34.99

The history of the jewelry

Earrings made from I Ching coins with jade bead pendants.

During the Ching dynasty, a coin known as the I Ching coin was used. The coin was named after the book "I Ching", also known as "The Book of Change", which was used as a reference work. People during that time would throw sticks or coins to make decisions according to patterns found in the book. The coins were often strung on a string and had a monetary value. On one side of the coin, there were four characters, two of which referred to the reigning emperor and the other two could refer to its value or good luck. The two symbols on the opposite side often indicated the mint where it was struck.

The coins are gold-plated with 22 carat gold

Diameter: 0.83"

Suspension: Hooks

Material: I-ching coins and jade beads.

Suspension in gilded silver hooks

Total length: 2"

Wear a piece of history

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