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Cleopatra Carnelian Single Strand Necklace

  • $89.99

The history of the jewelry

Step back in time and discover the beauty of Ancient Egypt with our exclusive collection including this Cleopatra Carnelian Single Strand Necklace! This early civilization, known for its wealth and advanced technology, made its mark on history around 3100 B.C. during the Dynasty I era.

Our jewelry embody the essence of this magnificent era, bringing to life the Egyptians' beliefs in the afterlife, their rich mythology, and powerful deities through intricate hieroglyphic scripts and beautiful tomb decorations. Embrace the tradition of wearing jewelry as protective talismans and feel the power of gold, revered for its ability to reflect the life-giving rays of the sun. Adorn yourself with gemstones in stunning colors, each possessing its own religious significance and value. Shop now and bring a piece of history into your life!

Materials: carnelian, aventurine, sodalite, and pewter beads with gold finish, lobster claw closure
Length: 18"

Wear a piece of history

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