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Dagmar cross pendant in gilded silver with enamel

  • $599.99

The history of the jewelry

The Dagmar cross pendant is a historic artifact dating back to the year 1100 and was acquired by the royal art chamber in 1695. It was found in Ringsted Church, where Queen Dagmar is buried. The origin of the cross is believed to be Russian, with references to Byzantium. It is possible that the cross came to Denmark through the Russian prince's daughter Sophia, who was the mother of King Valdemar Sejr.

On one side of the cross, Christ is depicted, with the inscription "Jesus Christ" written in Greek letters at the top. On the other side, the Virgin Mary is depicted on the right side of Christ, and John the Baptist is depicted on the left. Above and below Christ, two saints are seen: Basilios at the top and Johannes, nicknamed Gyldenmund, at the bottom.

The original Dagmar cross is now on display at the National Museum in Denmark.

Size: 1.18" x 1.38"

Material: Gilded silver with enamel in cell enamel technique.

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