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Egyptian Snake Bracelet/Cuff, adjustable

  • $64.99

The history of the jewelry

Explore the captivating symbolism of the snake in ancient Egypt with our extraordinary snake bracelets!

In the past, snakes elicited both fear and veneration, particularly in Egyptian culture. Apophis, a chaotic demon, was feared while Meretseger, a blessed serpent, protected the Valley of the Kings. The cobra, known as the uraeus, was venerated as a symbol of royalty and defense - seen on the headdresses of King Tutankhamun and various royals. The celebrated Cleopatra, reported to have died from an asp bite, adds a further enigma to the significance of the serpent in Egyptian antiquity.

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Materials: pewter with oxidized silver or gold finish
Bracelet size is adjustable

Wear a piece of history

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