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Viking Pendant - Hedeby coin

  • $99.99

The History of the jewelry

The Viking pendant -The Hedeby coin is a valuable artifact from the Viking Age and provides insight into the trade and commerce of the time. The depiction of merchant ships is especially significant as it suggests a thriving trade network and commerce during the Viking Age. Hedeby was an important trading center during this time period and the coin serves as a tangible reminder of the economic activities that took place there.

Additionally, the fact that the coin was found in Birka, Sweden highlights the connection between Hedeby and Birka, two important trade centers in the Viking world. These coins were likely used as a form of currency and provide evidence of the widespread use of money in Viking society. The preservation of the coin in sterling silver highlights the value placed on it in the past and its significance as a piece of history.

Material: Sterling silver
Size: 0.8"

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